Harnessing live microbes to remove chemicals from our environment.

LiveGrow™ Platform is the missing link between effective non-spore forming microbial organisms and their successful commercialization.

It is a disruptive new way to formulate, manufacture, and apply highly concentrated microbial biopesticides and biostimulants for agriculture, turf, and ornamentals at a fraction of the cost of current microbials.

Instead of producing dormant, dry products that take days to weeks to activate when applied into the plant environment, our platform produces live, highly concentrated products that begin to act immediately after application.

Our fermentation takes place inside the final product packaging, eliminating the need for high cost fermentation facilities and lowering cost of goods by up to 90% from current microbial manufacturing processes.

With shelf life of one year at room temperature, our products are not only easy and convenient to store, but they are also simple to apply using existing agricultural equipment for seed, soil, or foliar applications.

If your microbe is not formulated using our LiveGrow™ Platform, it is not maximizing its true potential.

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LiveGrow™ Formulation

Our patented microbial formulation process involves growing and storing metabolically active microbes inside our final product packaging. Where current formulation technologies involve three steps of fermentation, isolation, stabilization - our platform reduces these three steps into one: fermentation. Microbes actively growing and living in our system do not require spores and remain shelf stable for at least one year.

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LiveGrow™ Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process simplifies and reduces the cost associated with microbial products production. It eliminates the need for liquid fermenters with downstream processing, instead using our retail packaging as a “fermenter.” This allows our factories to be set up in any facility without stringent requirements of current biological production plants. This unique process also gives us the ability to flexibly switch from one product to the next allowing us to truly be a toll manufacturer without requiring high production minimums as is the case with solid or liquid state fermentation facilities.

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LiveGrow Application™

Our products are formulated into porous spheres that are 0.2mm - 2mm in size. These spheres can be applied using the following methods:

- Mixed with seeds in a seeder

- Mixed into a water tank sprayer

- Applied using drip irrigation (in R&D phase)

Since the end-user does not need to change anything to apply our products, adaptation in most cases is seamless.


LiveGrow™ vs Liquid & Solid State Fermentation

The two major differences between our platform and the manufacturing platforms that use solid and liquid state fermentation are:

- LiveGrow™ does not require expensive processes of isolation and stabilization

Both solid and liquid state fermentations require the expensive isolation/stabilization of microbes in order to make a shelf stable product.

LiveGrow Platform eliminates the isolation step in the manufacturing flow by achieving fermentation inside our packaging that results in a live shelf stable product.

- LiveGrow™ produces live products

The final formulation of current microbial products is dormant, dry spores that require days to weeks to get ready to perform when applied in the field, limiting their efficacy.

LiveGrow™ final product formulation consists of live microbial cells and also not-dry spores (when applicable) that are NOT dormant, but active and ready to perform immediately when applied in the field, significantly increasing their efficacy.

These two major differences not only allow us to make cheaper more effective products, but also provide us the opportunity to create products from non-spore forming microbes, something that was not commercially viable until now.

LiveTurf™ Biostimulant

LiveTurf™ is the first product formulated and manufactured using our LiveGrow™ platform. It includes a combination of Gram negative and Gram positive endophyte microbes to promote root division/growth in order to overcome summer stress by enhancing water/nutrients uptake and stimulating turf’s resistance to diseases.

Based on extremely successful results from 2018 field trials, LiveTurf™ is now available for sale.