Our Precision Microbial Application™ Service involves isolating beneficial endophytic bacteria from a farmer’s healthiest crop, formulating these bactria through our LiveGrow™ Platform, and applying them back to the entire field in high quantity.

This allows all of the plants on a field to take advantage of the most effective bacteria that was responsible for the health and yield of the original plant from which it was isolated and in turn increase yield and quality if the entire crop.

Service Background

Endophytes are microorganisms that live inside plants. They can either be fungi or bacteria. They might be harmful, neutral, or beneficial to the plant, but the ones we are interested in are beneficial endophytic bacteria.  

Because they live inside the plant, rather than outside in the soil or on the plant surface, they are protected from negative environmental influences. Once established, they grow and move throughout the plant where they continue to benefit the plant.  

They Improve Yield Through:

1) Increasing root branching and growth thereby accelerating and enhancing nutrient and water uptake

2) Enhancing phosphorus and iron uptake

3) Fixing nitrogen in the leaves of the plant

4) Prohibiting the entry of specific pathogens into the plant

Almost always endophytic bacteria that benefit plants are present in small quantities because of competition with other strains living in the same places.


Our Approach Is To:

1) Isolate as many endophytic bacteria as practical from tissues of healthiest plants

2) Select those that have traits of interest

3) Grow and formulate using LiveGrow™ platform

4) Reapply in high quantity back to crop seeds/seedlings of the entire field

Service Approach Summary

This approach will dramatically increase the availability of beneficial bacteria at the very onset of crop growth as well as boost plant development and metabolism while curbing competition from other endogenous endophytes.

The PhD staff at LiveGrow Bio are experts at isolating and identifying those root endophytes that are both beneficial to the plant and to the grower’s bottom line. Please note that though an endophytic bacterium may possess more than one desirable character, to maximize the effects, it is generally necessary to isolate different strains for different properties, grow them separately, and combine when used.  

Service Approach Details

LiveGrow Bio staff would work with the individual grower to define the appropriate location of the desired crop as well as the desired microbial traits.  Location should have healthy crop and preferably be organic and/or freshly broken soil. Our staff then would:

  1. Sample roots from the field(s)

  2. Isolate endophytic bacteria

  3. Test them for desirable traits

  4. Grow and formulate our selections through LiveGrow™ platform

  5. Provide test materials for the following year for field trials

Precision Microbial Application™ Service Benefits

  1. A custom product isolated from and tailored to farmer’s specific fields to ensure best possible yield

  2. Potential reduction in pesticide use/cost

  3. Farmer will obtain the resulting custom product(s) at wholesale pricing; reducing cost associated with purchasing such products

  4. If LiveGrow Bio chooses to create a retail product containing any of the microbes developed for the farmer, farmer will receive a defined royalty on the wholesale gross sales.

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