In the last decade, many startups in the biological agriculture space have been focusing on isolating effective microorganisms that would disrupt the crop protection space.

However, they were all limited by expensive and ineffective formulation technologies leading to very few products actually reaching commercialization and therefore forever stuck in the “R&D” phase.

Our Mission

LiveGrow Bio is the first and only biotechnology company that spent the last five years developing a platform that allows for cost-effective and field effective formulation and manufacturing of any microbial organism.

This platform, which we call LiveGrow™, is the missing link between effective microbial organisms and their successful commercialization.

We will lead the next wave of agricultural innovation via highly concentrated live formulation of biopesticides and biostimulants to overcome growing pest resistance and ineffective, high cost microbial products that currently exist in the marketplace.

Our LiveGrow™ microbial products can be produced cost-effectively, allowing them to eventually replace chemicals due to their ability to not only effectively control diseases, but also stimulate plant growth at the same time.
— Andrey Pinchuk, LiveGrow Bio President

What We've Achieved

  • Grown and formulated every type of microorganism: gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, and fungi through our LiveGrow™ fermentation process.

  • Achieved live cells or spore concentrations in our LiveGrow™ product formulation between 1E+8 – 1E+10 CFU/g - which is significantly greater than claimed by most leading biological products.

  • Obtained shelf life of at least twelve (12) months (trials ongoing) for organisms manufactured using our LiveGrow™ platform all while maintaining them metabolically active and ready to perform immediately when applied in the field.

  • Generated zero waste during manufacturing of microbial products through our LiveGrow™ platform.

  • Achieved green house results superior to both biological and chemical standards.

  • Achieved field trial results equal and superior to both biological and chemical standards in agricultural & turf trials.

  • Opened a new R&D and manufacturing facility in Tri-Cities, WA

  • Launched our first product, LiveTurf™, that is formulated and manufactured using our LiveGrow™ platform.