Our Custom Formulation Service involves receiving a microbial strain from our client, growing and formulating it through our LiveGrow™ platform, and sending the final formulation back to our client for greenhouse and field testing.

Service Background

Generally, formulation R&D is a long and tedious process that can take years to complete. The reason for this is a complicated isolation and stabilization development scale up that is high cost and varies based on the strain and its properties.

Our formulation does not require microbes isolation from media in order to create a shelf stable product and therefore we can usually complete our formulation projects in under three months, significantly reducing the time and cost between discovery of an organism and getting it ready for field trials and commercialization.


Our custom formulation improves your final product through:

1) High concentration formulation of 1E+8 – 1E+10 CFU/g

2) Shelf life potential of at least 12 months

3) Cost of goods 50%-90% lower than your current formulation

4) Metabolically active formulation that allows your strain to perform immediately after application

5) Easy application using existing agricultural and turf equipment

The short time and low cost of our formulation services allows you to test a greater number of strains per season and ultimately arrive at the most effective final product.

The live formulation of your strain allows it to perform to its full potential in the field.


Our Approach Is To:

1) Test your organism in the lab

2) Identify best growth media and conditions

3) Grow and formulate using LiveGrow™ platform

4) Send to client for greenhouse and field testing

Service Approach Summary

This approach will dramatically increase the concentration and viability of your product.

The PhD staff at LiveGrow Bio are experts at utilizing our LiveGrow™ platform to maximize your strain’s potential while ensuring that the final product meets your application needs.

Service Approach Details

LiveGrow Bio staff would work with you to define the appropriate formulation and the desired application methods for the final product. Our staff then would:

  1. Grow your strain using standard biological procedures

  2. Identify the appropriate media and criteria necessary for formulating your strain

  3. Grow and formulate various iterations through LiveGrow™ platform

  4. Provide the final formulated product back to you for greenhouse and field testing

Custom Formulation Service Benefits

  1. A highly concentrated formulation for maximum efficacy

  2. A live formulation for immediate action when applied in the field leading to quicker and more effective results

  3. Potential reduction in cost of goods of 50%-90%

  4. Patent protected formulation that cannot be knocked off

  5. Product formulation can be tailored to specific application methods and be applied using existing agricultural and turf equipment.


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